Super 40% of vocational college students tend to choose a well-flexible occupation

Super 40% of vocational college students tend to choose a well-flexible occupation

Super 40% of vocational college students tend to choose a well-flexible occupation

Original title: Super 40% of vocational college students tend to choose a flexible and free occupation, Beijing Youth Political Academy Chen Yanzhang and friends partnership, open a company, the company, the company operation, company operation I have encountered difficulties, short video promotion and Baidu promotion drain blocked, attracting customers, entrepreneurship failed. Parents suggested that he graduated into state-owned enterprises, but he felt that the day "too flat, I didn’t have taste, I can’t accept it." Because "there is a uncomfortable heart", Chen Yanzhang wants to go to the wind, "This is the most Fast".

At the age of 20, he likes to contact social, like contact different people and different things. Compared with 80, after 70, I did decades in a position, "it’s too bitter", he can’t accept this slow life. He entered a company, intended to be a buffer period, waiting for yourself ready, "still want to go out". Recently, the "China Youth Daily" Education Science Department issued an investigation questionnaire to the students of vocational colleges and investigating the employment intention of vocational college students. A total of 26596 valid questionnaires were received.

The freedom of pursuing work has become a new requirement for post-00 post-post vocational college students.

According to the questionnaire,% of the visited vocational colleges hope to tend to choose a professional and free profession, and% of the vocational college students will choose this work because of their freedom. In the pursuit of freedom, students’ employment mentality also "float". Lu Wenche, the head of Shaanxi Industrial Vocational and Technical College, and the school-enterprise cooperation department, Lu Wenche, went to a unit to return, before leaving, the boss told him that a child technique recruited from the school was good, and the learning ability was very strong. But after a long time, the boss called the phone to say that this child left. Lu Wenche asked the reason for this student, the students told him that "the mood is not good", he continued to ask if he wants home. Students say that it is not good to leave. Lu Wenche discovered that the present students "did not sink this heart to drilled this heart, the whole felt that the students were very impetuous when they were employed.

"There is also a graduate to chat with him, complaining that you have a low salary of your business, and you have some repetitive labor on the pipeline," can’t play mobile phones. "

After three years, "Advocating Freedom" resigned, because he loves a cat, and then open a cat house in the local area. "The employment concept after 00 is indeed a change, and the space they can choose is too big." Lu Wenche said. Today, my country has a total of 30.88 million vocational schools, and has built the world’s largest vocational education system.

According to Liu Xiao, Qian Jiannan, the research on education science and technology academy of Zhejiang University of Technology, from the structure, "13th Five-Year Plan" period, my country added 10 million high-skilled talents, but high-skilled talents only account for the total skills. 28% of the amount, this data still has a large gap compared to developed countries. From the quality of the industry workers, "2020 China Manufacturing Structure Development Index Report" shows that the labor productivity of my country’s manufacturing industry is USD / person, only 1/5 of the United States, 1/3 of Japan, 1/3 of Germany. "In the current new competition pattern, optimize the structure, improve quality efficiency is still a short plate weaker construction in the construction of my country’s industry workers." To make professional college students will calm down skills, become a high-skilled level talent. Lu Wenche suggested that the graduates from vocational colleges independed their own employment of manufacturing industry, on the one hand, to strengthen the mental education of labor, integrate employment education into the system of thinking education, let the students have a hard spirit, struggle.

  On the other hand, enterprises should improve their job rewards and do a good job in corporate culture.

Lu Wenche believes that "students have not only gain material gains from work, but also to achieve great satisfaction in spirit." A few years ago, Lu Wenche’s impressive: he went to a aerospace enterprise in Shaanxi, One quarter of the technical first-line employees come from his school, and if there is almost no student employment, choose to leave. Talking about the details in the work, he found that the students who work there will be proud to mention that the parts produced are also on the rocket. Shenzhou manned spacecraft has a self-payment, "they have a very high heart. The sense of professional accomplishment is willing to study the skill technology. "(Tracking reporter Yang Jie) (Editor: Wen Wei, Xiong Xu) Share more people to see.