Sichuan Province’s first coal mine safety publicity consultation day was held in Guang’an

Sichuan Province’s first coal mine safety publicity consultation day was held in Guang’an

Sichuan Province’s first coal mine safety publicity consultation day was held in Guang’an

  On June 18, the Sichuan Coal Mine Safety Publicity Consultation Day held by the Sichuan Coal Tannam Emergency Management Office was held in Guang’an City.

It is reported that this is a large-scale consultation in the coal mine field held in Sichuan Province during the safe production month. At the event, the Sichuan Coal Regarer Bureau and all units through the distribution of promotional goods, picture exhibitions, safety experience, consulting questions, new technology new technology show, safety commitment signature, mine ambulance presentation, coal mine intelligent groundworpse, etc., build coal mine safety supervision The communication bridge of the supervision department and coal mine enterprise cadres and workers guide coal mine enterprise cadres and workers attach importance to coal mine safety, understand coal mine safety technology, learning safety knowledge, and constantly improve safety production awareness. During the event, more than 1,000 publicity materials such as safety production basics were issued, more than 400 propaganda products. In the on-site consultation, a VR system that can simulate various types of mine disasers attracts many coal mine staff to stop.

According to reports, this VR device is built by simulation of coal and gas, fire, fire, flood, gas coal explosion accident, combined with mining major accidents, three-dimensional simulation scene construction, through immersive, highly presented and virtual training The drill can fully improve the students’ escape and emergency disaster relief, improve the rapid response of distress students, avoid escape, and minimize casualties at the time of disasters. In addition, the intelligent coal mining system of Longtan Coal Mine has attracted attention to many consultants.

Intelligent coal mining system can be "sensing, video, virtual reality" control mode, realizing all production equipment for work surface centralized control and can be coordinated with coal-coating conditions, equipment self-perceptual and fault automatic identification Diagnostic functions, can realize the function of automatic coal, hydraulic bracket, scraper conveyor, ground, ground, downhole "one-button start and stop".

  It is reported that during the safety production month, the Sichuan Coal Regulatory Bureau has also organized the "province’s coal mine safety network knowledge contest", secretly investigating a series of activities such as unannounced visit, safety preaching, warning education, fully utilizing broadcast, television, newspapers, WeChat, Weibo, Website, mobile app, etc.

(Li Tingyu).