Small cigarette butt hide huge harm experts remind: Teenagers are urgently

Small cigarette butt hide huge harm experts remind: Teenagers are urgently

Small cigarette butt hide huge harm experts remind: Teenagers are urgently

In life, everyone will often hear such a sentence, "a smoke after the meal, happy like a fairy." As everyone knows, the moment to ignite the cigarette butter is also ignited to harm the health of the health.

In my country, the number of smokes exceeds 300 million, a small cigarette butt, how big is it behind? Recently, Liao Wensko, Vice President of China Control, Smoking Association, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital Tobacco Tomology and Smoking Center, Director Xiao Xuezheng, deputy director of the Health Communication Department of China Health Education, to smoke the harm to all kinds of people, to the netizens Advocate individuals and families, society, and the government promote the implementation of the cigarette action.

The larger the smoking volume, the higher the risk of "four major chronic diseases", the higher the risk of this year, the National Health and Health Committee issued the "China Smoking Hazard Health Report 2020" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"). According to Xiao Dan, chronic respiratory disease, malignant tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, have become my country’s "four big slow disease", "Report", focusing on this, "Report" Relationship with these four major chronic diseases. "Report" pointed out about smoking and respiratory diseases, sufficient license According to suggesting that smoking can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory system infection, tuberculosis, multiple interstitial lung diseases; It can lead to lung cancer, oral and grouped malignant tumors, laryngeal carcinoma, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, etc .; Evidence Description Smoking can lead to atherosclerosis, coronary atherosclerosis heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease; supersales with diabetes, suggest that smoking can lead to type 2 diabetes. In response to the above, the "Report" mentioned that the larger the smoke, the longer the smoking period, the higher the risk of disease.

Smoking cessation can significantly reduce the risk of onset of these diseases, and improve the prognosis of the disease.

E-cigarettes are seriously infringed by adolescent health tobacco-smoking problems, in the critical period of young smoking, adolescents are in a critical period of growth, and the smoking problems of such groups have received much attention.

In this regard, Liao Wensco, Vice President of China Controls Smoking Association, said that the development of all systems and organs of adolescents is not perfect, resistance is weak, compared to adults, smoking is more harmful to adolescents.

Smoking also has a great impact on all aspects of adolescent bone development, nervous system, respiratory system and reproductive system. Adolescent smoking will make coronary heart disease, hypertensive diseases and tumors in advance.

At the same time, smoking can make adolescent epidone by 20% -30%, reduce sperm and deformity; so that the child’s primary tide is postponed, messenger. Smoking also dams the respiratory tract and produces inflammation, increase the resistance of the respiratory tract, which reduces pulmonary capacity, reducing lung function, affecting the development of adolescents. The harm of electronic cigarettes is not negligible.

The "Report" shows that there is sufficient evidence that e-tobes have adversely consequences for adverse health and growth in adolescents, especially in attracting teenagers.

Shandan mentioned that the "2018 China Adult Tobacco Survey Report" released by China Disease Control and Prevention has shown that the usage rate of electronic cigarettes in my country is%, and the electronic cigarette is about 10.35 million.

Although the use is still at a lower level, but I have heard that the proportion of electronic cigarettes has been significantly improved, and the proportion of electronic cigarettes is significantly improved, especially in young people. The proportion of people aged 15-24, who used to use electronic cigarettes, the first reason for the use of electronic cigarettes, is considered fashion. In addition, international research shows that the use of electronic cigarettes is easy to induce young people trying to use traditional cigarettes to accelerate the tendency of young smoking people.

"China Smoking Hazard Health Report 2020" Based on the results of medical research related to my country and other countries, there is sufficient evidence that the eco-smoke will cause harm to health, especially for young people, electronic cigarette itself will cause adverse health and growth. Consequences, while also attracting teenagers using cigarettes.

To this end, the problems of teen-cursive tobacco are imminent. Liao Wensco pointed out that we must pay great attention to youth to smoking for smoking, truly prevention, and control adolescents suck the first smoke.

Secondly, give full play to the synergy of all relevant departments, form a combination of multiple departments to grasp the contributions: the education department further strengthens the school tobacco tobacco, through classroom teaching, extracurricular education, and carry out all students’ control and publicity and education activities. The health department must strengthen the professional guidance of school-cracked management work, and provide effective way to control smoking. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of smoke control law to smoke in public places, blocking the impact of smoking behavior in adolescents.

The radio and television competent department also increases the supervision of movies and film drama tobacco lenses.

The market regulatory authorities should prohibit the sale of tobacco products around the school to investigate and deal with merchants selling tobacco products to minors.

At the same time, increase the supervision of Internet tobacco advertising, and do not let the Internet tobacco advertisements become the way. Here, Liao Wensko called on tobacco sales points to take social responsibility, strictly follow the requirements of the law, and consciously sell smoke to minors. It is hoped that the regulatory authorities should increase supervision, and the merchants who sell tobacco to minors must not be in love. They must be firmly incorporated into the "blacklist" of the social integrity system.

Strengthen the promotion of tobacco, advocate smokeless lifestyle, "smoking is harmful to health", although the concept of smoking is deeply rooted, but the smoking crowd is still not a small number, how to improve this situation? In this regard, Yan Xuezheng said that it is a very complex process that changes unhealthy behavior. The first step is to spread relevant knowledge, let people recognize bad behaviors for health hazards; at the same time, to teach the skills necessary for behavior changes, create support Sexual environment.

In recent years, my country has also attached great importance to people’s health, measures, and launched the control of smoking, so that more people understand tobacco hazards and practice smoke-free lifestyles. On the one hand, it has developed related control policies, strengthens the work of the key place for smoating. At the same time, in healthy urban construction, health promotion of county construction, and the implementation of controlled measures in the construction of various health places. For example, in 2018, the national healthy urban evaluation shows that 314 people over the age of 15 were% in the 15-year-old group of people; the third batch of national health promotion county-level technical assessment, 69 national health promotes people over the age of 15 in the county The smoking rate is%, which is significantly lower than the national average.

On the other hand, continuously strengthen the control promotion and advocate smokeless lifestyles. All localities, various departments, relevant professional institutions, etc., have carried out a variety of controlled topic publicity. In addition, my country has also promoted the network construction of smoking cessation services and expands the radiation range of smoking cessation services. Through the establishment of a smokingish hospital alliance, we will provide specialized smoking cessation services for smoking crowds.

(Reporter Zhang Wenting Intern Hanxi).