Tibet held "’Net Red’ View Tibet Traffic" experience activities

Tibet held "’Net Red’ View Tibet Traffic" experience activities

Tibet held "’Net Red’ View Tibet Traffic" experience activities

  A few days ago, the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region jointly established the "Net Traffic" experience activities of "Net Red ‘View Tibet Traffic" experience activities in the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, District Civil Aviation Administration, China Railway Qinghai Group Co., Ltd. Show the world to show the new image of the new socialist modernization in the world.

  The event was closely around the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China and the 70th anniversary of Tibet, and the new achievements of the economic and social development of Tibet were fully utilized. Video, network live, etc., in microblogging, WeChat, shake, fast hand, watermelon video and other social media platforms.

Take the entrance of civil aviation, high-speed, high-speed rail, rural road construction in the whole district, in focusing on the vivid practice of implementing the general discovery of General Secretary, Tibet, with a point of intensive, and fully reflects the historic achievements and showcase of Tibet’s transportation development. Tibet transportation, the transportation of goods, and the tremendous convenience of cold chain logistics.

  Chen Wende, deputy director of the District Party Committee, said that "The" Net Red ‘View Tibet Transportation "activities is to implement the actual actions of the spirit of the party committee of the central and districts, the tenth party congress of the Autonomous Region, but also the story of Tibet Important way.

The event will closely deduct the major theme, key task, innovation form, rich content, pay attention to experience, and pay attention to the experience of "’net red’ to see Tibet Traffic" activities, network. A new platform and new link between united network people.

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