The national football "life and death war" advance: Chinese football more than a "life and death"

The national football "life and death war" advance: Chinese football more than a "life and death"

The national football "life and death war" advance: Chinese football more than a "life and death"

Original title: Chinese football more than a "life and death" Beijing time on October 19, the Nine-round Western League last 1 game, the Spanish team’s squad, this is the Spanish team to fight for the third game this seasonThe best chance of victory – the last round of the La Liga League or October 3, the Spanish team is unexpected at the home, 2: 1 Lower Royal Madrid team, China’s striker Wu Lei in this game, the team final 20 minutesThe full-strength anti-fatches of Real Madrid got a precious 3 points, which is enough for the Spanish team who has not too high European War, just wants to stand in the Western League.After the end of the game, Wu Lei flew from Spain to the National Footland in the Night. In the early morning of October 8, Qatar World Cup qualifiers Asian District 12, the national football 3: 2 Suspension Vietnamese team won the team’s first win, Wu LeiMei opened two degrees, including the killing of the replenishment stage, and the order of such results, Wu Lei’s "Qin Wang rescue" is not a virtual.

On October 13th, the national footfield 2: 3 is not enemy Saudi team, the large team returned to China on the same day, only Wu Lei left the team to fly to Spain flights to continue to fight the La Liga League – if the national football November 12 The game can be confirmed in the home of Suzhou, and Wu Lei will experience long-distance travel back to China after two weeks.

Such a "hard work" is originally a "career component" that professional players must accept. In fact, after the September national football team 0: 1 small negative Japanese team, Wu Lei went to the airport (going back to Spain to fight La Liga) Have a strong emotion: next to me, almost an all-round Japanese national team players are ready to return to European club … We and the Asian strong teams are really big … The Japanese team lost to Saudi in the 12th game. The Oman team is not capable, but the mentality is unstable and the luck is not good. At home 2: 1 Lower Australian team let the Japanese team returned to the right track, fighting more powerful, even if the current ranking group is third, but most fans believe that the Japanese team has Sufficient ability to fight for the first two (the first two direct outline). This is completely opposite to the severe extension of the national football: 4 rounds of the national football team only win 1 game in Vietnam (the Vietnamese team 4 wars is negative), only 3 points ranking group fifth (12 points first, The Australian team is 9 points, the Oman team and the Japanese team are ranked third, fourth). Once you can’t take 3 points in the game with the Oman on November 11, the group is directly outline and even get the same qualification. (Group 3) will only be "theoretical".

This means that the "life and death war" of the national football has been greatly advanced to the last round of the front half. According to the reporter, the Chinese Football Association is doing the best efforts to keep the home advantage (avoiding the completion of the third party) so that the team can play this name "life and death war" with the best state. At present, the national football is being familiar with the Suzhou Division (Isolation area) to close training: After adjusting two days, the team’s training is carried out as usual, and whether the coaching group needs to be supplemented with the team, but the national football is really no longer "test Wrong space ", with the Oman team, in addition to the whole force, there is no reservation.

In fact, the "Life and Death Wars" of the national football can be seen as the "life and death war" of Chinese football – according to the unique operational logic of Chinese football itself, the national grade team has almost determines the prospect of the development of the league.

As the basic building of China’s professional (professional) football, the professional league "cold retardation" this season, the possibility of "uncomfortable" is gradually increased. Taking the most widely influential face as an example, since the end of August 4, the Super League has not been seen in the fans in the fans in the middle of the 4th game. 30 days. If the national football team can strive to complete the November 12, the second stage of the second stage will be restarted in late November, and the third stage competition is also expected to be carried out in advance, but if the two games are newly protected from new crown pneumonia The epidemic prevention and control factor is still in the third party venue, then the second phase of the Super League will wait until the national football player has completed 14 + 7 isolation. Since the remaining 16 rounds of league is almost unable to complete within one and a half months, League The schedule must also change accordingly.

A league with authority and voice is not enough to maintain a "stable state" league, naturally it is difficult to obtain the favor of sponsors and fans, let alone League participation in the subject "family has a difficult experience", a active player told reporters : "Do not owe the salary (Zhongchao) Club According to I know less than half, the minimum owed is also owed for 1 quarter. Everyone is now hard and scalp, I really don’t know how long I can play.

The national team won the fortunate, it can be stimulated, if it is lost, there will be then exit (Professional League), it is really unable to go. "According to the reporter, since the" transformation "of the professional club started from last season, the" equity diversity "more difficult than" neutral name "is difficult to fill a large number of professional clubs – and according to the multi-furniture department for a short period of time According to the reflection, the league policy decision-making layer requires all clubs to sign the share agreement in accordance with the proportion of "433" and the local administrative department and sports administrative department, and a club staff explained to the reporter: "Meaning is the province designated by the government. City) directly under the company and the location of the Sports Bureau to accounted for 30% of the club, the investor has 40% of the shares, which really can’t understand and unacceptably, because the league can have public welfare, but if this league Without business value, why should we invest several hundred million every year? That simply retreats back to the professional system for 30 years, and the provincial sports bureaidies have used financial allocation to raise their team to play the national championship. Don’t worry about risk.

"Such policy is really confusing: A A A A A A, in 1994, the Super League in 2004, at least in the form and structure, the professional league operated by the developed country in the form, if the administrative department of today is It is also necessary to occupy the shares of the professional club, "Professional" concept of Chinese football will not talk about the "exiting wave" in the 2020 season, it is very shocking, the Zhongchao Champion is not fortunate, the first-level level spread Go, the team 10 of the Crown League (Fourth League) is almost a rare scene such as "keeping" in the "Bao". Club investor "shares reform" is far from the football category, league The idea of ??"returning professional system" is more like "Snow on Snow". Professional League "Life and Dead" is not a dramaticism, at this time, it is necessary to force a "new season professional league to expand the army" to bring more problems that cannot be solved. – So Chinese football "life and death war", obviously more simple than one game.

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